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[Extaliams] Pocket slot and item guide! - YouTube Recently extaliams finally implemented the pocket slot in game. Upon reaching fame level 30, you will be able to accept the quest to unlock your pocket slot! Charm/Pocket slot quest unavailable - MapleStory Bug type: Quest. Brief bug summary: "Excessively Charming" is not available, possibly due to overleveling charm. More details: I purchased a trait potion from the event shop to use on Charm. My charm was already level 26 (?) and the potion brought it up to level 40 but upon visiting the charm... How to equip a Pocket item? | Forum

You are going to be able to take the search to unlock your pocket slot upon reaching popularity level 30! You’re asked if you’d like to draw two cards. You can not extract any type of card. The Advantages of Maplestory Cygnus . When you get a sum of Honor experience, you’ll get Circulators. Terrific and money exp if you begin from an ...

The Allegedly Free Game trope as used in popular culture. This game calls itself "Free to Play" - with a heavy restriction on the 'can play' part. And the ' … Inventory Management Puzzle - TV Tropes The Inventory Management Puzzle trope as used in popular culture. How many things can you carry on your person? If your life depended on it, do you think you … Forums – You are going to be able to take the search to unlock your pocket slot upon reaching popularity level 30! You're asked if you'd like to draw two cards.

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Or atleast like a quest or something. Thanks. ... limit my search to r/Maplestory. ... Easy/free way to unlock the pocket item slot?

Mar 9, 2016 ... Increase your rank to unlock more difficult Daily Quests that reward ..... Not useful to anyone who has already opened up their pocket slot. x3TheAran59 - Chaos - x3TheAran59 Effect: Gives quests to add a Pocket slot to your Equip Inventory, to gain ... Raising your level in a trait will eventually unlock quests that will reward you with ... attack other Maplers during a battle - a brand new experience for MapleStory! MSEA V176 Update – ARK | Conserver's Blog May 16, 2018 ... Note 2: Added the cost table to unlock core slots early under Etc.wz-> VMatrixOption. Raw File Size: ... Description: Can only be equipped in the Pocket slot. Required Level: 160 ..... Description: MapleStory Ark pre-reservation gift. Cash Item ...... Description: Changes to the Damage Skin – Party Quest. KMS ver. 1.2.279 – MapleStory Nova: Cadena, the Chain of Liberation ... Jul 5, 2017 ... The second patch of the MapleStory Nova update has been released, ... When you reach certain levels on your new character, you'll unlock Step Up ... Level 76: clear the Maple Alliance quests (4 Slot Selective Expansion Coupon) ... Nova Coins if repeated); Level 196: equip a Pocket item (50 Nova Coins) ...

However, no quest was available from Big Headward, nor from lightbulb quests on the sidebar, after attaining these two requirements. More details: My pocket slot is locked. Checked "available quests" and "quests in progress" tabs in the Quest Log, and tried relogging as well. Still, no quest for "Excessively Charming" to be found.