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Save games of Sleeping Dogs ~ Colors from India It is not easy to find save game directory for Sleeping Dogs. It is located under Program Files. So, you need to search in the below location: Go to C/Program files/sleeping dogs Here search for a folder "Data" You should see your Save Games located here. Usually it starts with "HK Autosave Slot" Location no 2-----C:\Games\Sleeping Dogs\Data ... Sleeping Dogs saved game ~ FunHollyBlog click to download. saved games for sleeping dogs game. extract the files till you find files named "hk autosave" which are the saved game files, till buried alive holds saved game till the buried alive episode which is almost 90 percent of the game or use the other one which has saved game slots for convenience. Sleeping Dogs não salva - GameVicio Sleeping Dogs não salva - Tópico sobre o game Sleeping Dogs. header_black. ... O arquivo que vc vai procurar é o "HK Autosave Slot" e caso não o encontre, sugiro fazer o download de algum outro save e copiar nessa pasta. Blasifera2. Re: Sleeping Dogs não salva. Sleeping Dogs Game Save - The Tech Game

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Sleeping Dogs Saved Game/Save Game/Saved File/Save ... - YouTube Description = This is Sleeping Dogs Saved Game/Save Game/Saved File/Save File (PC Only). All Main Story and Cops Mission Completed. For more saved game do comments like and contact me​WordList.​txt

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How to uninstall Sleeping Dogs™ Version by United ... (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SleepingDogs\Data\HK Autosave Slot; C: ... download the setup by pressing the ...

Savegame location and files? :: Sleeping Dogs™ Общие… Sleeping Dogs™. Статистика: Глобальные достижения.I have only the files "Display Settings, HK Autosave Slot, HK Options". So are these 3 files I have to save on another PC? because they are just ~50 KB.